Rules at EIGHT MEN

  • 1. We put our soul into each bowl.
  • 1. We use only the finest choice ingredients.
  • 1. We provide ramen enjoyed by women.
  • 1. We never compromise on taste.
  • 1. We aim for customers to say, "It tasted great!"
  • 1. We offer friendly service on par with our flavor.
  • 1. We always continue to develop.
  • 1. We aim for the best ramen in the world.

~Consistent. No flattery. Stubborn but mild. Ramen you'll want to drink dry.~

"Pacific Saury Ramen"
with soup you can't leave behind
The secret to this soup is the ingredients. First, we use large amounts of high-quality domestic pig feet, stewed using our original recipe for a refreshing, mild pork bone base. Then, we add extracts carefully taken from Pacific saury through several processes for a luxurious blend. The chewy yet resilient medium-fine noodles achieve a superb balance! You can drink the leftover soup, or use it to order a rice soup or cheese risotto. Enjoy it thoroughly to the last drop.
"Oil Noodles" - mild yet addicting
The sauce for our oil noodles is made by mixing special oil which concentrates the flavor created when making our soup, along with special sauce made by adding Pacific saury to our mystery sauce (secret).
It matches the resilient medium-thick noodles perfectly! Be sure to mix in the special pork belly, white leek, and bean sprouts thoroughly before eating. The oil noodles contains plenty of high-quality collagen and are good for your skin, so they are popular with our female customers, but are also loved by our male customers looking for a hearty meal.


Kamiya-cho Head Shop

MK Building 1F,
1-5-22 Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima
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Alpark Shop

Alpark North Wing 1F,
4-7-1 Kusatsu-minami, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima
TEL +81(0)82-530-3625


Bay city Ujina shop

Bay city Ujina
2-16-51 Ujinanishi, Minami-ku,Hiroshima
TEL +81(0)82-569-4212



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